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jpunkin's Journal

31 October
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I guess this is where I'm supposed to cleverly describe myself with witty humor that makes me come across as someone you'd like to meet. :) So let's just put it all out there, shall we? In the biggest mouth full I can! I'm a 5'4", blond haired, average nerd whom only feels comfortable when ten people are in my face talking to me about ten thousand different things so I can be as loud as I want. I don't like a leash, and if there is one than they better not tug cause my bark and bite is pretty bad. I'm very sarcastic, and can't stand unfairness or meanness, just play nice and we have a happy play ground. I talk more than anyone you'll ever meet, but I know when to put on the innocent face and shut my trap like a smart girl, unlike many people I may know. I enjoy things that are hard to understand, and I like to add to my vocabulary for future reference. I am constantly paranoid that I'll get sick, which is fairly annoying, and I am not easily embarrassed in the least. Just get back up and brush off the dirt, you'll find that it comes off pretty easily. Phew...so much to tell. I have a strange, fascinating addiction to fanfiction, bordering on obsession. But that's a thin line, isn't it? All things supernatural...for me that's all there is. It's the greatest television show EVER! Jared Padelacki is just yummy...mostly because I'm a total, fall out, no questions asked, Sam-girl...I mean he could literally destroy the world and I'd still be screaming "I love you Sammy!". Yes I know I have issues, you don't have to point it out :P. So I'm a writer, quite obviously, one with constant muses and stories playing out in my head and characters deeply scarred by my forever determination to redeem the irredeemable. Music, you ask? Indie...all the way. Show me some no end, 'who the hell is that?' band and i love it, mainstream is a giant mass of unoriginality meant to brain wash by being played a hundred times an hour on the radio, our ears never to hear the raw talent that resides out there without the marketing resources. I ramble, as you know, if you're still reading. I fly through books like the air I breathe, right now I'm on a true crime binge. I must have read Helter skelter a million times and Vincent Bugliosi? My ultimate hero! I'd give anything to know a man with 10 percent of his intellect and genius. And the beautiful thing about all of this? I've got my entire life ahead of me to build more, to change, and most importantly, to create.
Profile update, July 2011: I am now a registered beta over at fan fiction.net ( my user name is punkin09) so look me up if you are in need of an editor/mentor :). And since we are on this topic, any lj users who are writing supernatural stories, I'd be happy to help!
UPDATE! If you'd like to get to know me better, since I'm not on LJ as frequently as tumblr, this is my tumblr url: www.toforgivedivine.tumblr.com